Here’s a competition worth making a song and dance about. Record your own tune featuring bathroom beats for the chance to win £5,000 towards the ultimate birthday experience. The winner will be the track with most ‘Likes’ on our YouTube channel. Forget Ballroom Blitz by The Sweet… we want to hear bathroom hits for the ensuite!

It’s easy to get involved. HERE’S HOW:

  • Step 1.
  • Download the Beats 200 app to your Apple or Android device.

  • Step 2.
  • Create and customise your own two-minute track by selecting a melody, beat, and bathroom sounds from over 40 sounds on the app.

  • Step 3.
  • Email the track to so we can upload it to our YouTube channel, then share it with your Facebook and Twitter followers using #celebrate200.

  • Step 4.
  • Encourage your followers to vote for your track on our YouTube channel. The person with the most likes by the end of November will win the birthday party of a lifetime.

Listen to the track created by DJ Molecules below